Unique appearance and eye-catching interior design makes up for much of a boat’s first impression. In the ever fast growing boating industry, shiny white fiberglass hulls and monotone furnishing just isn’t enough to satisfy the visual and emotional appetite of boat users anymore. Boat builders and designers all over the world are challenging newer visual effects on a daily basis.

PBD MARINE TRIMMING China (branch of Australia’s Pacific Boating Development) would like to offer our “Body Theme Design” and “Marine Trimming and Upholstery Design” services to boat builders in China and the world! All designs are conducted by our experienced in-house artists to ensure satisfaction.

The purpose of Body Theme Design is to utilize colour and shapes, adding them to a vessel’s existing confinement single colour exterior, just like tattoos on a human body, to express personality of the vessel, such as speediness, luxurious, trendy and hi-tech, classic or retro. Also to stir emotions for the on-lookers.

At the same time, we design soft furnishing to follow the exterior “theme” of a boat, or any other request by the customer. This adds unique characteristics to the interior of the vessel, so it does not become a floating caravan. Soft Furnishing include sofa, mattress, carpet, curtain, soft table covering, padded wall covering, padded ceiling panel, etc.

Elaborate marine trimming and upholstery design is already a signature service by PBD Marine Trimming, appreciated by many boat builders in China. This include custom design of items such as bimini top, canopy frame, clear enclosure, covers of different sizes, shapes and purpose, all to reach a level of perfection in boat protection, aesthetic result, and ease of use.

As we all know, a loosely made low quality boat cover can ruin the first impression of any boat, also reflect the boat owner or seller’s lack of attention to detail and care.

Marine Trimming and Upholstery is clothing for your boat. And PBDMT will custom design and tailor make the garments to best present your boat, to bring her to life and make every voyage a special one!

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