Amateur sailors and hardened crews over the world know that sailing conditions in the open sea are completely unpredictable. The Ferrari® Marine Fabrics let sailors find their own optimal solutions for roofings and protective fitted covers, sunshine awnings, canopies and bimini tops, protective screens, general marine outfitting, etc.

cream F4128-10204*
weight:280g cream:330g/m
width:204cm* roll length:50m
snow F4128-10309* white F4128-03244*    
gray F4128-10001* navy F4128-10235* brown F4128-01897*  
  Posses the toughness and flexibility traditional thicker covering material, while being light weight and easily stowable, makes the LIGHT suitable for large size fitted covers.
  Applied to:Partial Cover,Protective Cover,Furling Sail Cover,Protective anti-UV strip,Awning,Shadesail
cream F4128-10204*

gray F4313-10001
width:260cm roll length:30m
white F4313-03244 navy F4313-10235    
  Heavy weight cover material suitable for large area application and prolonged protection.
  Applied to:Partial Cover,Protective Cover
gray F4313-10001

navy/white F3933-20169**
width:150cm* roll length:30m
snow F4463-10309* white F4463-03244*    
beige F3933-10081* gray F3933-10001* brown/white F3933-20170** khaki/white F3933-20167**
  Multipurpose material posses incredible agility, suitable for larger bimini tops, commercial canopies, and high speed vessel bimini. Choose from three colours.
This material is soft and flexible while retaining the long lasting characteristics of the Stamoid quality, able to withstand large temperature difference while being dimensional stable. Choose from 14 colours.
  Applied to:Bimini Top,Dodger Enclosure,Awning
navy/white F3933-20169**

white F4340-10120
weight:780g width:140cm
roll length:20m
beige F4340-20130 brown F4340-07425 gray F4340-07434 red F4340-07478
light blueF4340-20124 blue F4340-07459 navy F4340-07436 black F4340-00002
  Specially designed for cushioning covering, with its softness and classy pattern. STAMSKIN TOP gives a genuine leather like touch, while being made to the strictest marine grade specifications.
  Applied to:Cushion
white F4340-10120

black wood 7407-5005
weight:500g width:180cm
roll length:50m
snow 7407-5001 beige 7407-5029    
gray 7404-5003 blue 7407-5007 navy 7407-5006  
  Specially developed mesh covering material for multipurpose and see-through covering applications. Choose from 2 colours.
  Applied to:Partial Cover,Awning,Cushion,Privacy Screen,Air Ventilation,Rail Cover,Windshield Cover,Trampoline
black wood 7407-5005

white 86-2044
weight:380g width:177cm
roll length:50m
silver yellow 86-2046 beige 86-2135 navy 86-50342 black 86-2053
  Similar to Batylin® Iso 62 mesh material, but even lighter, and strong shape keeping ability. This material provide superior transparency, while maintain privacy. Choose from 5 colours.
  Applied to:Partial Cover,Awning,Shadesail,Solar protection screen,Privacy Screen,Air Ventilation,Rail Cover,Windshield Cover
white 86-2044

Ferrari® Marine Fabrics combines all the necessary stringent characteristics of marine grade standard, such as wear-and-tear resistance, anti-mildew, UV resistance and temperature difference resistance.

Necessary features of Ferrari® Marine Fabrics:

Flexible Ease of maintenance UV stable Scratch resistant

Long lasting Weather resistance High temperature resistant Mildew resistant
  Ferrari® Stamoid fabrics carry a 5-year Limited Warranty. They also benefit from the European “Öko-Tex” Lable that guarantees they do not have dangerous components that may create a health risk or harm the environment. Ferrari® Stamoid fabrics are 100% recyclable through the Texyloop™ process.  


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