PBD MARINE TRIMMING would like to introduce a full range of outboard covers to the China marine industry! Covers are custom made for virtually all model Outboard Motors going back to the 1970’s. All our outboard covers are made from “Polysoft®” a tough marine grade polyester material that is UV stable, is breathable and also has a soft non-woven felt like lining on the inside. It is similar to a weight canvas but without all the inherit problems that canvas has such as shrinkage, abrasion and fading. “Polysoft®” is soft enough to protect the sensitive gel-coat, but strong enough to protect the outboard motor from dust, road grime, stone chips and the harsh sun. With over 750 distributors across the World today and with over 10,000 covers now sold our product has certainly proven itself to be World class!

Outboard Cover is available in eight great colors: Black, Carribean Blue, Charcoal, Aqua Green, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Red and Light Grey (Silver).

PBD MARINE TRIMMING guarantees Chinese boat owners the best experience when using our outboard covers.

Full colour or b/w logo graphics can be printed on our outboard covers using a water process that stays sharp for the lifetime of the cover.





Splash Cover: covers the cowling part of the motor only and can be used when towing & on the water when the motor is operating, as pictured above.





Full Cover: covers the motor from the very top and completely covers the leg and propeller. It is a one piece unit, but has a join in the middle which never needs to be separated by the user. It is only used when we need to cater for the various leg sizes of an outboard motor.



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