PBDMT China and HQ Pacific Boating Development introduce  the new Superfender product to the world market. Our patency registered product is specifically designed for the harsh marine environment, providing total protection for vessel while in its berth.
Superfender is a fender that fits over the marina edge. Designed by experts in Australia who posses long term experience in boat handling and marine trimming textiles. Over 3 years of research and development have gone into Superfender with vessels from 10m/7tn to 42m/220tn. Now made here by PBDMT in Shanghai. The Superfender has these unique characteristics!

Each Superfender is made to order. It can be 1m or as long as 50m.
Different tube diameters to suite small or large vessels.
Made from world leading Ferrari Precontraint material, ensures no damage to either your boat or the fender upon contact.
Ferrari Precontraint material also ensures prolonged usage in the harsh marine environment, with superior colour fastness and tear resistant fabric.
Closed cell foam on the inside ensure the fender does not absorb moisture and retains integrity.
Specially selected marine grade thread which is virtually impervious to UV degradation.
Wide selection of colours, including white, grey, silver, brown, navy, beige and others.

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